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Julien Palard 9698325e14
Add jquery.cookie.js
As it's used:

cfp/templates/cfp/admin/homepage.html:<script src="{% static 'jquery.cookie/jquery.cookie.js' %}"></script>
cfp/templates/cfp/staff/speaker_email.html:<script src="{% static 'jquery.cookie/jquery.cookie.js' %}"></script>
cfp/templates/cfp/staff/talk_email.html:<script src="{% static 'jquery.cookie/jquery.cookie.js' %}"></script>
cfp/templates/cfp/staff/volunteer_email.html:<script src="{% static 'jquery.cookie/jquery.cookie.js' %}"></script>
4 months ago
jquery Import node_modules (was a git submodule). 7 months ago
jquery.cookie Add jquery.cookie.js 4 months ago