Tool to sync events to a Discourse instance badges.
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Helloasso to Discourse

This works in two distinct steps: first fetch HelloAsso data, then sync with Discourse.


pip install .


1 — Fetch HelloAsso data

Use the fetch subcommand, I use it as is:

$ helloasso-to-discourse fetch "$(pass helloasso-clientid)" "$(pass helloasso-clientsecret)" afpy

this fetches the data of the given organization, here named afpy, it creates an ./afpy file.

2 — Choose what to sync

The goal is to sync an HelloAsso event (they call it forms) to a Discourse Badge.

First let's discover which HelloAsso 'forms' we can use:

$ helloasso-to-discourse list-forms afpy

Then let's discover which Discourse badges we can use:

$ helloasso-to-discourse list-badges "$(pass afpy/"

3 — Sync

This step actually assigns badges to Discourse users:

As an example to assign badge "membre" to HelloAsso users having paid for the form named adhesion-2023-a-l-afpy:

$ helloasso-to-discourse sync "$(pass afpy/" afpy adhesion-2024-a-l-afpy adherant-afpy

And an exemple to assign Discourse badge pyconfr-2023 to members having registered for the pyconfr-2023 event on HelloAsso:

$ helloasso-to-discourse sync "$(pass afpy/" afpy pyconfr-2023 pyconfr-2023