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poutils is a metapackage to easily install usefull Python tools to use with po files.


Script to fix indentation of given .po files.


Wrapper around hunspell to spell check .po files.


A side-by-side grep in .po files displaying msgid on the left and msgstr on the right, usefull to find how a word has already been translated.


A tool to find in which .po file work is needed (untranslated and fuzzy are reported).

Can sync with github issues to tell which file have already an issue opened, hint that the file may currently been translated by someone else.


A "translation memory" CLI tool, usefull for example to backport translation from a branch to another, or simply to replicate known translations from a bunch of file to other files.


Linter for gettext files (*.po) including Grammalecte, non-breakable space checks, glossary checks etc ...


A reasonably fast and accurate linter that focuses on finding errors that are not caught by sphinx-build.