🐍 💊 My Glucose Manager - follow your daily health
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Django Diabetes

Django Diabetes is a personal Glucose Manager

It allows you to follow your daily health


As I'm not suffering from diabetes, I am very open to suggestions for improvement of this project that I designed for a friend. For example with the type of examinations, etc... Currently I maintain the project by evolving versions of python and django.


  • Python 3.6
  • Django 2
  • arrow 0.12.x


to get the project, from your virtualenv, do :

git clone https://github.com/push-things/dj-diabetes.git

to add the needed modules , do :

pip install -r requirements.txt

create a new user who will be the admin :

python manage.py createsuperuser

and at least :

python manage.py makemigrations dj_diabetes
python manage.py migrate dj_diabetes
python manage.py loaddata dj_diabetes_preferences.json
python manage.py createsuperuser

to startup the database and load the data