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HTTP to XMPP gateway

This is a dumb dumb gateay between HTTP and XMPP:

You POST some text over HTTP, text gets sent over XMPP.

Only one XMPP jid can receive message.


pip install http-to-xmpp


It can be configured either via environment variables:

$ export XMPP_DEST_JID=the_human_receiving_messages@the_server.org
$ export XMPP_JID=the_bot_account@the_server.org
$ export XMPP_PASSWORD=the_bot_password
$ http-to-xmpp

or via arguments:

$ http-to-xmpp --xmpp-jid bot_account@the_server.org --xmpp-password "$(pass bot_account@the_server.org)" --xmpp-dest-jid human_account@the_server.org

HTTP host and port to listen to can be changed using --http-host and --http-port, they default to localhost:1985.


You just have to send POST requests, to / on the given host:port pair so by default, using curl, one can post messages using:

$ curl -XPOST -d Coucou localhost:1985