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pospell is a spellchecker for po files containing reStructuedText.
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pospell is a spellcheckers for po files containing reStructuredText.

Pospell is part of poutils!

Poutils (.po utils) is a metapackage to easily install useful Python tools to use with po files and pospell is a part of it! Go check out Poutils to discover the other tools!


By giving files to pospell:

$ pospell --language fr about.po

By using a bash expansion (note that we do not put quotes around *.po to let bash do its expansion):

$ pospell --language fr *.po

By using a glob pattern (note that we do put quotes around **/*.po to keep your shell from trying to expand it, we'll let Python do the expansion:

$ pospell --language fr --glob '**/*.po'


usage: pospell [-h] [-l LANGUAGE] [--glob GLOB] [--debug] [-p PERSONAL_DICT]
               [po_file [po_file ...]]

Check spelling in po files containing restructuredText.

positional arguments:
  po_file               Files to check, can optionally be mixed with --glob,
                        or not, use the one that fit your needs.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l LANGUAGE, --language LANGUAGE
                        Language to check, you'll have to install the
                        corresponding hunspell dictionary, on Debian see apt
                        list 'hunspell-*'.
  --glob GLOB           Provide a glob pattern, to be interpreted by pospell,
                        to find po files, like --glob '**/*.po'.
  -p PERSONAL_DICT, --personal-dict PERSONAL_DICT

A personal dict (the -p option) is simply a text file with one word per line.


You can work in a venv, to install the project locally:

python -m pip install .

And to test it locally:

python -m pip install tox
tox -p all